Jaz Sebastian


Powerful, Engaging, Warm, Ruthless, Sinister, Vulnerable

Jaz seeks to find that which lays beyond believability, what goes deeper, what motivates. A driving force, a fully realised being in a fully realised world. “The husk, an empty broken vial, charcoal and ashes. Triumphant or disgraced?”

The thing that ties us, that binds us to our aspirations both together and apart. We can be anything, do anything, sound like anything, move like anything and yet to so many we are not seen, we are nothing. This is why we must do all we can to be something. Showing others they are something, their plights & stories are what make us.


Having most recently worked on set along side… Tom Hanks, Baz Luhrmann, Angelina Jolie, Rachel Griffiths just to name a few, Jaz is no stranger to being on a professional film set and putting in the work. Jaz started working as an Actor when he was very young and has consistently landed roles in many musicals, short films and touring concerts. He has always thrived when performing on a big stage and entertaining a crowd. Jaz has attained over 25 leading roles in various productions. Some with 60 page scripts, building a character for months and fully utilising his skills. Others that have only taken a day or two to film with minimal preparation. Jaz is comfortable and capable in any capacity but truly is in his element when taking on a leading role in a large production. This allows him the time to transform voice, mind & body and become the character. 

“an audition is simply throwing around ideas, playing, experimenting, you will see around %10 of potential & possibility. A booked role means you are going to get the character you want, it means we could go anywhere and everywhere with it. Quality takes time, it takes emersion and discipline, it takes trading a part of yourself for a time in order to make room for someone new.”

-JS 2021

the music

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With Jazs 3rd Single “LAZER” OUT NOW on all music streaming platforms and Youtube available to you for free. Jaz continues working on his original music towards the goal producing his first EP followed by internationally marketable albums. Inspired by the likes of Bowie/Coldplay/Radiohead we hope enjoy the songs, much more to come!

Jaz has also been performing professionally since 2014 as a Singer & Entertainer/Cover Artist Specialising in.

  • Musical Theatre Favourites
  • Swing & Crooner Classics
  • Modern Pop and Rock
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Early Defining Performances



  • Age Range: 20 – 30

  • Base Location: Gold Coast

  • Skills: Actor (Stage & Screen), V/O Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Musical Theatre, Presenter.

  • Vocal Range: A2-G4

  • Eye: Brown

  • Height: 176cm

  • Hair: Brown

  • Ethnicity:  Caucasian

"What The People Are Saying"

Jaz was an amazing talent to work with. He was punctual, polite and an absolute pleasure to direct as he understood exactly what was needed and truly brought the character to life. His passion for acting truly shows. I highly recommend him.
Matthew Dixon
He is Very professional and a lot of fun to have on set. Made the whole crew laugh, and demonstrated a lot of quick thinking which would help the film move on, as well as bringing on board his own ideas which we brought into the film. I highly recommend Jaz.
Jake Vickerman
I really appreciate the effort and life you've thrown into my character so far, it means a ton and I found myself very excited as soon as I started listening to the new takes. You do not disappoint!
Zack Sheridan
"Recently I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jaz. His professionalism, dedication and clear talent when it comes to acting is something to be inspired by. Jaz managed to gel with the cast and crew seamlessly and was determined to fill his role to the best of his ability. I would not hesitate in recasting Jaz for future roles as he has been nothing but a joy to work alongside. "
Jake Horsfall
I started working with Jaz in late 2019 when I was fortunate enough to have him feature in a music video for my former project, Karamilk. I was lucky again to be able to work with him in late 2020 for the making of another music video and was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism in addition to his drive to deliver high quality results. Jaz had a strong understanding of my vision, remained open minded throughout the filming process and underwent great effort to meet the nuances of my desired aesthetic. He added immense value to the project with his creative contribution, positive attitude and leadership skills. I greatly look forward to working with Jaz again.
Erin Foster
Artist @Erinfostermusic
Very professional, arrived on time and responded well to my directions. A pleasure to work with him!
Céline Brayer

WHat’s Been happening

Latest Updates: July - August

VO & New Media

  • V/O work in progress for independent short film
  • Supervising Edit and producing for independent short film


  • Wrapped a leading role in an independent production.
  • Writing work on multiple projects.
  • Multiple self tape submission requests for Australian & international Tv series & films with thanks to Agency 888.
  • Cast in a supporting role for new short film in production.