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Jaz Sebastian is a Alt Rock/Cinematic Pop singer/songwriter from the the wildlands of Australia. Growing up with the beach and bush, a never ending influx of varied creations Jaz constantly adapts his musical style to suit the story he’s telling. Now committed to a newly crafted signature sound Jaz has his first album well underway and is getting closer to completion every day. “New Visions Of Apocalyptica” will most likely be the most exciting body of work from an Australian artist in 2024. With singles/album tracks releasing incrementally until full album is released and made available to the public.

After completion of this initial chapter Jaz now has three more albums to follow within this timeline/cinematic universe. 

Biggest Release to date!

NOW With over “60,000” streams on Spotify alone, thousands of saves and over 30k Music Video views “Headache” The trippy psychedelic alt rock mantra of 2023 has been rocking our hero JS to the next echelon of his music career. Think”Cage the Elephant meets Lana Del Rey”. This Trippy apocalyptic pop/rock number needs to be in Borderlands 4!! And is his most popular track to date!!

Headache was the First track released from the upcoming album “New Visions of Apocalyptica” well underway and nearing completion.


Lore and world building content setting the scene for the state of the “Free World” and the events leading upto and post the fall of “Apocalyptica”. Lore Chapters released gradually alongside song and music videos until the album is complete, these chapters in the event timeline will be released in no particular order. It’s up to you to piece together the story and gather all the information you can!

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